• Detroit Food Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to inspire young Detroiters (ages 10-24) through culinary arts and food entrepreneurship. From cooking delicious healthy meals for friends and family to facilitating complex conversations with community to developing artisan food projects from scratch to market, students learn by transforming their ideas into reality. Through this process, they grow as holistic leaders who are healthy, connected, and powerful to affect change in our communities and beyond.

    • School-Based Leadership Program

      A school-year leadership development program for young Detroiters that culminates in the design and launch of students' own triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit) food business. Through this process we surround our students with the experience, …

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    • Summer Leadership Program

      School-year graduates are invited to apply for a paid summer internship under one of two tracks: Food Entrepreneurship: After successfully premiering their food business at Market Day, students have the opportunity to launch, operate, and refine t…

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    • Advanced Leadership Program

      Students who have been with us for at least one year are offered the opportunity to develop their own unique food-rooted project and bring it to the next level. Our first cohort elected to create a pop-up restaurant called Seconds, using produce ‘s…

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    • Small Batch Fellowship

      In the Small Batch Fellowship, students receive mentorship, professional development, and work placements throughout our food business community.  Youth who have participated DFA’s programs are invited to join the Small Batch Fellowship in their j…

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    • Mitten Bite + Coffee

      Mitten Bites

      Detroit Food Academy's very first youth-powered product! These all-natural snack bars are packed with nutrition and come in five delicious flavors. All varieties are soy-free, wheat-free, dairy free, cholesterol-free, and feature Michigan-grown ingre…

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    • Slow Jams

      Delicious gourmet jams with 100% Michigan produce. Whether it’s Blueberry Lavender, Apple Spice, or Raspberry Lemon Verbena, our jams will take your taste buds on culinary adventures on toast and beyond!

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    • Detroit Pop Shop

      At Detroit Pop Shop, we handcraft gourmet popsicles in delicious and unique flavors using the best ingredients. We focus on using fresh fruit, and utilizing other Michigan and Detroit companies as often as possible. The Detroit Pop Shop is a socia…

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    • Small Batch Detroit

      Small Batch Detroit is a social enterprise subsidiary featuring products designed and crafted by Detroit Food Academy high school students. In addition to bringing tasty healthy products into the world, Small Batch serves to offer real-world em…

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  • Testimonials

    • “I loved communicating with people in my community. And I learned how I can help my family live healthier.”

    • “The most important thing I learned at DFA this summer is exceptional marketing and communication skills. I also learned how to manage money and talk to a large group of people.”

    • “I learned about entrepreneurship and being a professional and I also learned how to make a change in my community. We went to local markets and sold our healthy products, and I learned how to just have healthier alternatives for foods and educating people is helping my community. We also learned … that we can cook for ourselves with ingredients we get from the market or store.”

    • “Kids can actually make a difference in our communities… be leaders instead of being out in the streets. I’m going back to school to get my high school diploma and go to college to become a teacher and it’s all thanks for Ms. B and the Food Brigade and the Boggs Education Center to help me find out what I want to do in my life.”

    • “If you have a chance to take this class in the future, take advantage. It’s like a family. This class helped me make healthier choices, I stopped going to McDonald’s, started cooking at home, and I’ve lost like 5 pounds.”

    • “I was thinking I could own my own restaurant… and maybe one day it can happen, now I’ve got some skills. I also learned how to be a professional. Ms. B would say that we are at work and we need to be professional, respectful, and treat others how you want to be treated. I learned how to present myself. I also learned what a working environment is and I learned how to be serious and get the job done.”