Vince Moceri

Classroom Facilitator

In addition to his role, Vince is a chef and budding entrepreneur who sees the world through the lens of food. He grew up cooking with his mom, enjoying large family dinners with his Italian grandparents, and obsessed with the food network. He is fascinated by what we eat and the story behind the foods and culinary traditions of our families and cultures. After attending the University of Michigan for Business and working in the automotive industry for six years, he left in 2020 to pursue his passion for food and cooking. He has since worked at the restaurants Forest and Leila, where he continues to develop his knowledge and technique. He is excited to share this knowledge and passion with youth and to engage in work that is community-focused. He believes that how we eat is a reflection of how we live, and that by changing our relationship with food we can change our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, and our connection to the Earth.