Shay Goudia

Classroom Facilitator

Chef Shay Goudia, a native of Louisiana, started her culinary journey young. At a very, early age, she was in her mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen watching them cook native Creole/Cajun dishes that she was accustomed to. This would be the start of her incredible journey. As a Hebrew Israelite, she learned to cook a Vegan diet. Her work through managing Soul Vegetarian, a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, her desire to become a professional chef emerged. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Shay learned French fine dining but specializes in Eclectic fine dining which includes Creole/Cajun, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine. Her current position catering with Gabriel Hall and Salt + Ko allows her the ability to showcase her love of cooking and creating beautiful dishes.
Chef Shay graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2012. Since then, she has worked in many cafes and restaurants in places such as New Orleans, Atlanta, as well as locally in Michigan. Over the last decade, Chef Shay has been working on perfecting her craft by starting out as a culinary intern at Sweet Potato Café’. She would later move through the kitchen ranks from Kitchen Manager to becoming an Executive Chef. Chef Shay has left a mark while on her culinary journey. As she created fun, delicious, exciting new dishes she was also able to author a cookbook, in 2013, entitled “Who said Green beans?” which showcased a few of her favorite dishes. When she is not in the kitchen, Chef Shay likes to hang out with her kids (who are also aspiring chefs) or in her garden “learning what the earth has to teach me.”
The skills she gained over the last 10 years has allowed her to explore more on her two favorite loves, the love of cooking and all things cannabis. Chef Shay is currently working as a cannabis personal chef enhancing delicious meals with her own line of infused products. Chef Shay’s passion is displaying her food in new creative and inventive ways for an overall “higher” dining experience. Every meal she creates will reflect her love of food, creativity, trying new things, and cannabis. Chef Shay hopes through her food that she can bring people and communities together for at least one moment, one meal, and one divine experience. To learn more about Chef Shay and her developing recipes or business, connect with her on Facebook or Instagram @Shay Goudia or @ChefShayfabulous