Maryam Khan

Classroom Facilitator

Maryam got her introduction to being in the kitchen as the 7 year old self-proclaimed sous chef in her aunts’ industrial kitchen, helping to make pastries for her aunts’ bakery and heaps of Pakistani food for weekly family feasts. As a food-obsessed child, she always had a place in the kitchen during family events, would spend free time poring over cookbooks, and found comfort in watching the Food Network and Cooking Channel over cartoons.
She now independently runs her own Pakistani food pop-up, Khana, where she melds recipes from both her Pakistani heritage and American upbringing. Food is her love language and has ultimately been the greatest catalyst behind forming her identity and paying homage to her roots. She is deeply passionate about helping others connect with themselves and develop their senses and strengths through learning to utilize different techniques and ingredients with confidence in the kitchen.