Jen Rusciano

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Jen is a Michigander and calls Detroit home.  She has served as Executive Director of the Detroit Food Academy for 5 years.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Colgate University. In 2010, she received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to explore the social, economic, and environmental impact of chocolate production on small scale cacao farming communities around the world. Inspired to link young people with farmers close to home, she completed two terms with national service FoodCorps and local organization Food System Economic Partnership (FSEP), connecting cafeterias and classrooms in high needs school districts with local food from Michigan farmers and school gardens.  Seeing the need to engage students beyond the school year, Jen co-founded the Detroit Food Academy alongside Noam and Amy, bringing food, business, and learning together.  As Executive Director, Jen supports the organization from vision creation to strategic planning and budgeting to administrative functions, food systems education, culture-building, program facilitation, and fun captain-ing.