Daria Beavers

Market Manager, DFA Alum

Daria Beavers, born and raised in Detroit, is a graduate of Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies where she learned about the Detroit Food Academy most often referred to as DFA. In her younger years, Daria struggled with weight, not understanding the importance of eating healthy or knowing what it even meant to be healthy. She is now aware and has been on her own path to total health. Daria is an entrepreneur and CoFounder of C-WAP (Cooking with a Purpose) Catering. A funny, high spirited, motivating, outgoing and amazing leader, Daria has a thriving passion to help those that she not only loves, but those who are in need. Daria also stands in the position of Kitchen Manager at YMCA Detroit Healthy Living and Life Skills, along with being the facility’s manager at the Detroit Food Academy. Daria is a jack of all trades skilled and creative who also enjoys meeting new people, trying and learning new things, while willing to sometimes throw caution to the wind and “take the risk”. She is overwhelmingly thankful for the experiences and knowledge that she gained as a young adult and hopes to one day have several successful businesses that allow her to reciprocate all she has received within her family and community.