Alexis Chingman-Tijerina

Classroom Facilitator

A native to Lansing Michigan, Alexis was searching for more opportunities and found her way to the Detroit Metro area in late 2012. She started the new adventure by attending SchoolCraft College in Livonia. By 2015 Alexis had earned her degree in culinary arts and was able to secure a position as the Banquet Chef at a local land mark restaurant in Birmingham. In 2018, after 16 years in the restaurant industry and a new baby boy, Alexis shifted gears and joined the team with Detroit Food Academy.

With over a decade of experience in professional kitchens Alexis is proud to share her passion for all things food and cooking with the youth who participate in our programs. She still has hope to open a breakfast restaurant of her own one day, but for now is more than happy to be working with Detroit’s youth.

As an indigenous woman and a mother, the importance of restoring our connection to this land we share has never been so clear. DFA programs provide space for this important work by allowing facilitators and students to explore the food system in and around Detroit. By creating these connections and sharing this knowledge we can change the future not only for this generation, but hopefully for the next seven generations to come.