Small Batch Fellowship 2018

This summer was a beautiful breeze! My favorite lesson was when we grounded the summer crew in “What is Food Justice?” It is the first time as a program we really dug into the “what” and “why” of this topic that informs so much of what we do at Detroit Food Academy. It was incredible to see how much knowledge and passion our young people already have on this topic. There was space for the group to consider what actions they can take in their own lives – I’m really excited to expand upon this in the future and hopefully see a lot of great work being done!!

We hired eight new Small Batch Fellows for the 2018-2019 school year! We are proud to welcome China, Shawndrea, Eddie, Melissa, Jaylen, Mackenzie, Xavier and Alfonso into the Small Batch crew.  In November and December the Fellows will be exploring the ideas of professionalism, marketing, branding, and planning for their next year with us. Look for them around town – working production at our kitchen facility at Peaches & Greens, demoing at local grocery stores and working the Saturday market at Eastern Market!

Julie Wainwright
Small Batch Fellowship Coordinator