Quicken Loans’ Day of Innovation

Thanks to a partnership with Quicken Loans, we launched a new cohort that exposes 2000+ 6th grade students from Detroit Public Schools (in groups of 25-50 and over 36 days) to 45 minutes of high-impact, hands-on DFA programming! Quicken Loans’ Day of Innovation takes place over two eight-week periods–one in the Fall and one in the Spring. With a focus on nutrition and entrepreneurship, all participants created smoothies and branded their products in groups. Students learned basic nutrition facts about fruits and leafy greens while enjoying their delicious creations. Small groups then pitched their branded smoothies to the larger group. Some of the brand names they came up with for their smoothies included ‘Gucci Smoothie’, ‘Wild Berries’, and ‘Smoothie Ninjas”. This small introduction to Detroit Food Academy, nutrition, and the world of food entrepreneurship sparked passions and interest for many of the students! DFA will continue this program in 2019, so keep an eye out for more fun and innovative smoothies!

Andrea Daldin + Diamond Dantzler
Classroom Facilitators